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A beautiful story! I loved especially the flashbacks, which revealed gradually the nature of the main character's "heart-wrenching" background. This unusual title sparked my curiosity, by the way.

Very moving message. Also great imagery. My favorite line: "The keys were a mass of chocolate and vanilla pudding." What a creative, original description of black and white piano keys!
This title is just perfect for the story. Moving, great characterization--I could see the whole evening unfold from the dress to the mass of keys, the grief. Very, very well done!
Lovely story. You expressed the depth of emotion very well.
What I really liked was the feeling that came through for me that she was kind of dealing with her own "demons" and everyone else was on a different page without really understanding what she was dealing with. It was kind of like there were two stories being told. Good job.
This is poignantly beautiful. I'm so glad she played well, putting her heart into the music. Well done, awesome writer.
There were a few bits that were unclear here to me. I think it would have all come out had you been able to expand more on the father/mother/daughter triangle. It was very well written though. Lots of emotion - you portrayed them well.
A bittersweet story, movingly written.
A well told story! The last line was the most poignant of all.
You filled this with such emotion, that I couldn't stop reading from beginning to end. The last line is perfect.
The emotion of this piece was very powerful. I was captivated all the way through and am left wanting to know more. The title is perfect for this story!
I can barely see to type through my tears. This piece hit me hard. My mom was an accomplished pianist, and I feel so inadequate playing her baby grand piano that was left to me way too soon. (My parents died in a car accident.) When I play, I picture my mom playing with me. (And thank God, my dad enjoyed my playing too -- but he really loved listening to my mom.) Thank you for this -- it's another baby step in my healing process.
You so skillfully put the reader into the MC's shoes that I literally had to give myself time to regain my own focus after reading this moving story. I could feel the gown, the piano keys, see the darkened audience area, and I even, though you didn't mention scent, could smell the auditorium because of the strength of your descriptions. Wonderful writing!
You clearly portrayed the intense, deep emotional conflict of the main character! This was a very gripping story, and I would have liked to know more about her strained relationship with her father. Excellent writing! :)
I loved that you did not give this a perfect ending and kept with the compexity of emotions. I really enjoyed this from beginning to end. Very touching.
Wonderful filled with well-written, honest emotions. I particulary liked what your mom said "your hands will know..."

Maybe I missed the reason for the father's bitterness, but hopefully the music helped to heal the rift - I have a good feeling that it did.

Amazingly intense and emotional. I was swept away completely, from beginning to end.
I also liked the ending. Everything doesn't end perfectly or happily ever after. An ending like yours gives us much to ponder, question and make our own predictions. I also liked that she walked right past her father. Not that I condoned it, but it was realistic and was a natural reaction that followed the story line. Great job.
What a moving and captivating piece. This one touches the reader's heart and to me, that's always a good thing. Great job.
So very lovely and such deeply expressed emotions. I felt her dilemma, and her heartache in your words. Thanks for sharing this
A very well written emotional piece. I enjoyed the read, from begining to end. Great job.
Wow! The emotion is still hanging in my room. A heart-wrenching story, beautifully told. Your talent shows.
P.S. Thanks for your comments on my story.
Wow!... double wow!!
I am tucking this in my favorites.
Your writing flowed so smoothly from Jen's thoughts to the concert hall.
I am completely affected by your story.
I picture tears running down Jesus' face as Jen and her father start the healing process through her music.
Thank you for the gift of your story.