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Your intriguing title captured my attention, and your first sentences made me want to read more! (I did notice a few "mechanical" errors, though.) The story itself was well-written and imaginative, and I loved the ending where Jesus unlocked this hideous prison of death by His sacrifice! Good job!
This story haunted me. Very creative, writing from a demon (Satan's?) point of view. I liked the terse sentences that built suspense and lent a tone of anguish, as well as the creative phrasing. My favorite phrase: "A reverse darkness." Wonderful portrayal of paradox here!

The unusual title also sparked my curiosity--I had to find out who, or what, "Tetelestai" was!
Amazing description. You drew me in and kept me here from beginning to end. Love the end! :)
Oh I liked this! So often we see the angels perspective on momentous events but to see it from hell, very creative and haunting. Strong writing, great job!
Bravo! This is one of my favorites. Excellent writing!
Nice take on the subject. Some good word usage here. I esp. liked "A reverse of darkness." Creative. Good job.
perfect for the upcoming season. This is intense and amazing all of the same time. You captured me from the first word.
I liked the concept of this piece and the forboding musical overtones. Good job!
Oh, wow! Oh, wow! My favorite of yours, by far, and definitely at the top of my list for this week. So creative and original, and your word choices were simply outstanding.
Your descriptions were powerful, and what an awesome message you illustrated!
Very impacting story.
Bravo! Absolutely Bravo! My favorite of yours also. THIS is what you write. Wow!
You've outdone yourself with this piece! I have never quite "seen it" like I have when reading this. I could feel, hear, touch and smell the despair and pain. So vivid and realistic descriptions, you did a great job with making me love to hate the one responsible and then the taste of a faint victory with "Tetelestai". I loved how you tied the title in with this. ^_^
I hope you plan to expand this! The short sentence length was a great decision that made it all the more intense. I really enjoyed this piece.
Very good job - definitely one of my favorites. Very creative and original.
Excellent, Sue! I can only guess what the word means, but I was glad of its implications. Wonderfully descriptive and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing it
The mood you wove in this creative piece is so thick and 'real' that I can taste it. And what an unusual yet 'right on' choice of story for this topic! Way to go, Sue!
Take a bow. This is wonderful. I love the creativity and the message. Big thumbs up!
Very creative POV! I liked the part about the demons that went into the pigs and the part about Jesus being ont he wrong side of the chasm. Great writing.
Wow, Sue. I noticed your comment on the Message Boards and just read this now. Really sorry not to see it in EC, because this is GREAT - one of your best.
Sue, I just read your commentary on the message board. As I read this wonderful accounting the tears poured! How gifted you are, and it is evident that He abundantly blesses your hand as you write!
Apologies for contacting you this way but we need your bio note please for the Faithwriters book "Hidden in the Hymns". Can you please contact me?