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Creative storyline. Had those Judges pegged to a "T". Wow!
I was expecting some comments on the ability of the heavenly choir the ending was a little abrupt for me but, hey! You know your "Idol" judges very well. This was unique and very well done.
Oh, this is priceless! You nailed it, dawg! I hope this is a winner!
This was fantastic. The judges, the title, just everything was superb. Excellent work!
Wonderfu satire! This was delightful! I love the creativity here!
I'm glad you ended this piece without trying to explain it. It told its own story very well. Good job.
I love this! What a cool idea and you pulled it off great! Awesome!
Okay - you got me - an Idol fan and this is IT! It's got my vote! You did a perfectjob on all characters - I loved it!
This was cute, creative and a whole lot of fun. Great job!
Super Cute and Creative! A very enjoyable read!!!
Hilarious! You had me laughing all the way through this. I liked how you based it on a certain show ^_^ yet did such a wonderful job it came across as something completely different and very enjoyable. I liked the judge's commentary on the singers, especially with Deborah and David. Too funny!
ROFL! What a hoot! You've got us rolling in the aisles with this creative and oh so funny take on 'American Idol'! Your skill makes writing something like this look easy. It isn't! Great job!
An "eartly" slant on "heavenly" matters. So humerous, creative and very well done
I really liked the way you did this piece. Very creative, keep up the great work!
But you didn't tell us the winner!

There were some funny lines all through this. I've never watched 'American Idol,' but heard enough about it to enjoy the humor. Good job!
This is too good. I'm glad to see there are other "Idol" fans. You described those judges perfectly. (But I must admit I often find myself agreeing with Simon. I think he's misunderstood.) Clever piece -- great writing.
Hilarious! :D I have only seen "American Idol" a few times, but it seems that you've captured the personalities of contestants and judges so perfectly! Thanks for the laughter you gave me in this terrific piece!
This is very good. I enjoyed it a lot ... even though I'm not a big AI fan. Good job.
What a hoot! I actually started writing an entry based on AI, but abandoned it when I couldn't get it right. I would say creative minds think alike, but yours is wonderful, and mine was going nowhere. Fun take on the topic. Well done!
Very cute :)
You continue to amaze me, Donna. What a fertile imagination! Won't it be wonderful to sing with all those saints before the throne.

God bless and keep writing.
Your parody of American Idol personalities is comical. Outbursts of laughter echoed my kitchen. I especially like Simeon's opinion of Deborah..."there's something a bit Old Testament about you. It sounded like you were singing through your robe." The title, the characters you chose to sing, the lyrics...outstandingly creative.