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Very well written, such a neat testimony set to music! This would make a great devotional to boot!
Wonderful testimony and lesson. You swept me right away with you.
You so clearly showed the huge difference between the effects on us of satan's songs of darkness and God's songs of light! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences! :)
This is a good devotional. I liked the line "He gave me a new song sheet." A great message!
I think this would make a good devotional. I liked your descriptions and easy-to-read format like Disco of the life you now live That is just cute and ties in wonderfully with the topic. ^_^
Yes! This is soooooo good! A GREAT devotional! I love how this was written - not preachy or condemning. This is a beautiful witnessing tool to the world.
This is an excellent message about the power of music for good or for evil. It is a choice one has to make. You conclude this piece with a wonderful promise. I pray you are able to share this message with those who most need to hear it.
I concur and echo the comments above. You have touched a univeral chord with your wonderful article.
Great writing.
A very good message and one that anyone can relate to. Thanks for sharing this
I agree - Well written, a good read with a great message.
You give the reader a lot to think about, how music can be used for evil as well as good and the impact of each on a person's life. I appreciate a message written from personal experience. It rings so true in the heart of the reader. I also appreciate your commenting on my music entry. Thank you!
It's too bad devotional don't place higher in the Challenge. This is truly beautiful. It's fits the topic perfectly, and the message touches the heart of everyone, believer or nonbeliever. Great job!
I am wowed by your descriptions and perspective on life before Christ. You have touched something deep within me and put into words what I have felt.
I also think about those still listening to the enemy's song, those prodigals that could be on the brink of return. Your powerful words will speak to their aching hearts, of this I have no doubt.
For the building of His kingdom, write on dear lady.