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It's a wonderful hymn and like so many of the best, born out of the deepest waters a soul can pass through. You did a great job of telling the story.
Very well written indeed. As with Horatio Spafford who wrote "It Is Well With My Soul," after learning that his 5 beloved daughters had drowned when their ship went down, so too did this beloved song writer need to experience the deepest grief to express himself in such a profound way. I think we can deduce that the greatest hymn writers were those who went through the refiner's fire and emerged with a strong message of God's love to His people. Wonderful job of writing. I hope you don't mind my pointing out several punctuation errors in paragraph 3 but they are minor considering how good the rest of the piece is. I found your story both informative and inspiring. You have earned your spot as one of my very favorite FW challenge writers.
I love the premise here, and his story and the "It is Well With My Soul" are the two favorites of how great hymns came to be. Where would we be without our broken places? Thank you for that great reminder.
Well, I gasped when the girl was bucked off the horse - I definitely did not see it coming! I just love stories like this, and you did a wonderful job telling it. I love the way you wove the whole story together. You had my attention from beginning to end.
Extraordinarily good work. I looked for something to suggest to you but couldn't find a thing except to encourage you to keep writing. This is a masterpiece of word carpentry but more than that, it flows beautifully and was a pleasure to read. Out of man's (and woman's) deepest hurts and bruises comes some of the world's best lyrics and this hymn has surely passed the test of time. Fine job. Janice Frantz
A gorgeously-written narrative--I'd love to hear it as an oral reading, with the hymn playing softly in the background.
You did a great job of giving the background for one of my favorite hymns. You made a story for me to remember and treasure. Thank you.
This was a wonderful informative article. I loved how you began this piece as a story, and to know his story makes the song even more precious. Your last line ended the piece beautifully. Thanks for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
Dear friend Marilyn, what exquisite writing. I had never heard the story behind this hymn, which you tell with all the drama, mystery, and pathos a reader could hope for. You touched my heart and my eyes with tears. This is a powerful message of encouragement, as well, for faith-writers. We never know how God can make use of the words "The Lord and I wrote...between us."
I also want to thank you for your comment on my music poem. I appreciate you!
p.s. This has to go in my "favorites."
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