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OK, I can breathe now. You kept my attention to the very end. I especially liked this line, God, get me out of this and Ill, oh phooey, I already made that deal. Nice job!
I felt like I was right there---scared to death! Vivid, strong writing. Well done!
Aha, Guerrillas in their midst. Certainly kept MY attention.
God bless America! We don't really know what trouble is. This is a very thought-provoking story. Good description here. Good writing.
Me ... I liked it! I was on a mission trip to a dangerous part of Mexico, so I know the danger in the story was realistic. The comparison of the Mariachi music to the Christian music was a wondeful concrete way to give us the feeling of sin vs. peace. You write with a talent for the writing of a page-turner book! ( hope you're onto that!)
So amazingly descriptive and engaging. A very unique take on the topic. Great writing.
The atmosphere, the dialogue both had me right there. Intense writing held me to the end.
What I like most about this--and about all of your work--is that you don't write ABOUT the topic, but you write a great story in which the topic plays an important part. That's why no one else ever has similar ideas to yours, and why you stand out. Another excellent story.
This is a really well told story. I love the contrast of music you used. I could hear them both!
Okay, I can breath now too! I love the suspense and how well you told this story. Guerilla missionaries indeed.... love that concept! Great writing!
Nice. I liked the title of this, but had to read it twice to follow the story. It was pretty good, but one little 'prick' stuck with me. When did he take the splinter out? Did I miss that... or is it just me being picky? ^_^ Otherwise, Nice.
An enjoyable adventure -suspenseful. Loved this line God, get me out of this and Ill, oh phooey, I already made that deal.
I love the idea of guerilla missionaries. Great discription. Made me want to turn on a fan.
Ohhh.. I had to read it twice. I didn't catch the first time that his hotel was what was blown up--I'm a bit slow sometimes! Marvelous intrigue! Miguel 'saved' him 'just in time!' Wow! Great writing, as usual. Wonderful!