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Oh, wow---you really caught me with the date at the end, and the double meaning of what she wrote. This was gritty and realistic, utterly heartbreaking. I could easily picture the sights and sounds of the streets as I read. Really well done!
Wow. This is very intense. I feel like I'm right there with Annie, feeling right along with her. The descriptions were very realistic and I liked the ending with the bible. A nice touch to have her smash the bottle of vodka. I think that was a great way to show that she was finally ready and willing to make such a big decision. Great job! ^_^
great detail throughout:) I loved the ending especially.
Wow! from me too! This is outstanding writing. Gripping. I was pulled into the tale and cheered a the end. Great, great, job!
I could smell the stinch of depression and sin with such awesome writing - I could feel the solid grip of its trap.

Wow! I feel like I want to take a shower!

This is some really great writing!
Oh, this is good. I looks like Annie will finally find the love she's been missing. And in the right place! For some reason, and this is probably just me, so don't worry about it too much, the futuristic date for the journal entry threw me for a loop. I wasn't thinking of it being in the "future" even though it's the not so distant future. Great job overall though. I enjoyed it. :)
This was raw...and realistic. After having watched an episode of "Intervention" I could really relate to this scene. You've done a masterful job of painting the grimy city where Annie lives. I have also seen my own "Annie" in my town. She carries herself like a lady and mumbles very intelligently. She WAS somebody before her life spiraled down. This is truly some fine writing. Congratulations!
You developed a strong and memorable character in Annie. Creative take on the topic, too. Your words were excellent at describing the dark oppressive setting. I shivered as I read this! Good job!
Good story, although I found the beginning confusing - I wasn't sure who was saying what. Great portrayal of what can drive a person to the streets. We all need to be loved.
This is a well-constructed story, and gripping, too! I hope Annie kept her resolve.
Amazingly vivid and real. This felt so real. Amazing writing, Leigh!
Great story! Alot of thought went into this and it paid off well! Keep up the good writing.
Congrats! ^_^
This was excellent. The ending was so well done, not cheesy at all as some conversion stories sometimes are. The storyline of her past was really well done as well. Great job!
Raw, gritty, realistic, very believable. So well done, congratulations!!!
Vivid! Very good story and well written as always.