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A very entertaining poem with a great solution to making certain people who are hungry receive the food they need. My favorite stanza was the first, I loved the language and the rhythm. I was glad to see it repeated towards the end. The repetion added to the strength of the poem and the story it tells. I enjoyed this light-hearted tale and the principle of feeding those who are hungry and in doing it, we feed Christ as He fed us. Thank you for the read and the inspiration!
I enjoyed your well-constructed poem and the message included in it. Kudos!
Very nice! The long title caught my eye, glad I stopped to read it. Very vivid descriptions and a lot of feeling packed into this piece. I liked the verse with shopping and havine misc. spilling into the cart. Sounds so much like me ^_^
Great poem! I liked their solution to the problem. How to help the homeless is something I've struggled with.
I enjoyed the rhythm of this very much! It flowed very nicely - and I enjoyed the message.
I very much enjoyed the story this poem had to tell! A couple times I've had the privilege of shopping to help those in need and was so blessed by it! Well done! :)
Awesome poetic structure, great message, lots of fun stuff here. You say you're a beginner at poetry? You wouldn't know it!
I really liked the flow of your poem! Keep up on writing!
Great flow! Great message!
I LOVED the title and the poem didn't disappoint at all. I thought the entire thing was well crafted with a poignant message.