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The imagery in this piece is fabulous. You have a real gift for description. Be careful of run-on sentences. Your sixth paragraph is all one very long sentence.
This piece is really lovely, and nice take on the topic.
Great devotional for one who has leasure time and place of quiet solitude to absorb all the depth and beauty here; but for the hurried, busy, working person to quickly read it on the run, or on a would lose its magic.
Wonderful walk through a peaceful scene. Colorful wording all through. I understood your tie to shopping, but would liked to have seen more of your "shopping" for the fruits, nuts and flowers to tie it in a little better. Very well written.
Gorgeous piece... made me want to step into that little Gilead and take a break myself.
Descriptive without adjective overkill--nicely done. I felt that you sort of "fudged" on the topic a little bit, though, by writing about a NONshopping place, and adding the sentence of disclaimer at the end. The piece is beautiful and serene--wonderfully written.
You took me straight into another world and left me standing, trying to drink it all in at the same time. Excellent descriptions and wonderful imagery. The last line ties in great with the topic. This is a most refreshing twist! ^_^
Rock my world! This was a great piece of writing. I can smell the smells and see the scenery right before me. Great writing.
Oh how lovely are your words!
I would give all the willowy branches, bejewed arms and pelted burrowed snimsls to be able to make my pen write descriptions such as yours.
You should try a novel, your style suits one! Blessings, Leigh

oops, pelted animals!
So beautifully vivid. I was definitely wisked away with you to this wonderful place of solitude.
A refreshing read and a creative approach to the topic. Since the beginning paragraph is one long sentence I would suggest making changes in order to better grab the readers attention. I liked this: "Trampled grass is its road... I had to take a deep breath when I read: I breathe the air of ancient forests. And I loved the last line.
It's been awhile since I've read of your cherished Gilead, and I'm glad you took me back there with your delightful essay! Your rich descriptions created such vivid images in my mind that I felt I was almost sitting there with you! :) Great job!
Wow! Who needs pictures when Nathan can just describe everything? I'm reminded of the hide-aways I used to burrow into on the farm I grew up on, where I was so close to God. Thank you, this is fabulous. Definitely one of my faves this week. God has blessed your pen, brother.
"Here I am clothed with the fabric of solitude" Wonderful depiction! I felt like I was right there! Great writing!
Congrats on a well done piece! ^_^
Your gift for description is amazing. This was so well done, congratulations!
CONGRATULATIONS on your level and EC wins!! :D You are one of the most descriptive writers I've ever read--almost up there with L.M. Montogomery of "Anne of Green Gables" fame! :) I have such a hankering to really see your Gilead some day! You'll be in Masters before long, I predict!
Tererific writing, and wonderful descriptions! Congratulations!
Excellent job, Nathan. Super entry. God bless.