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I loved the beginning few paragraphs of this--you kept us guessing as to why apples or juice caused you such distress....and I've often thought, while in Meijer, that the contents of that store could feed an entire third world town for a year. How overwhelmed they'd be! Really good piece, both witty and thought-provoking.
Enjoyed all the details in this - did a great job of helping us see how spoiled we are here. This flowed very nicely.
Amen! Ditto! After standing at the cereal section trying to choose - while a taxi meter is running up big bucks; makes one long for the days when it was either Wheaties or Corn Flakes. Ah! How true, and written with wit and honesty. Great entry on Topic! Enjoyable!
What an enlightening story. In America, many things are taken for granted. I can't imagine not having a choice. Makes you want to pray harder for our service men and women and our missionaries. Good writing.
Pun intended or not, having a hard time concentrating on the juice aisle was really cute. The choices we have certainly can be overwhelming. I had to laugh when I though of the cereal aisle at my Walmartboth sides of one entire aisle from the floor to the top shelf. Outrageous, isnt it? A very enjoyable read. Id say more, but I have an errand to run. Can you guess where?