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Delightful story! I love the humorous dialogue and images, especially of the narrator "tossing his tomato" and his ears standing up like his Yorkie's! Great descriptions, too--I can just see him chasing that little dog in his pj's while swearing, then feel his embarrassment afterwards.

Great message as well--and a creative twist on the prompt "shopping." I also like the way it begins. Terrific job!
Great story! It is so hard to find the right church and I loved the play on "shopping." I really liked when her friend's face lit up like the express lane. Such a great visual! I really enjoyed it!
A marvelous hook--and you certainly reeled me in. The voice is absolutely engaging, conversational, and real. Every paragraph had a grin. Superb story!
Really fun story. I've been through the whole "church shopping" thing so I can identify here. I liked the humour in the piece and the narrator's persistence to find the right fit.
What a clever way to use "shopping." I enjoyed the humor in this story.
Oh, I enjoyed this sooo much.
Creative take on shopping with the perfect touch of humor. Masterful writing!
Cute story! I had fun reading it. Very engaging and entertaining! Good job!
Love the conversational tone of this - I was right along with her. Definitely fun!
Cute and fun. The dry humor just hit the spot for this morning. Very creative take on "Shopping" I liked the ending that the MC finally found the right 'fit' after all. ^_^
An interesting take on shopping. Good Job.
Great humor throughout! The picture of the Yorkie running, its master following saying some unchurchly type things, with part of the church leadership watching probably mouths open in shock, was too much!

Really enjoyed this!
A dilemna facing a lot of us, and you presented it so well. To engagage a reader in a truth is definitely a talent in my book.
Nice! I liked the voice and the sense of humor. =) Good job!
A well written and fun read. I like the unique take on the topic. Very good job.
Great way to use the topic, and one many can relate to!

I enjoyed the humor in this piece, and the experience is one that I'm sure many can relate to. It's so important to find "the right fit." Blessings!
I loved your story all the way through. God is faithful.

In Jesus' Name,

This was a fun read. I know I've certainly been humbled in some Yorkie chases before. The voice of narration was comfortable to feel for and did some tugging of its own.

As someone shopping currently, this hits home. This was good humor via good writing. I walked away more hopeful for my own shopping experience. Keep up the good work.