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Talk about poignant! I was too busy weeping to critique it. And I love the title! Especially after reading the piece. What a great job!
Lovely! You did a great job of showing the struggles this woman was going through. Tugged at my heart.
Great story! You definately capture the main character's emotions here. I want to know the rest of the story! :)
Isn't God good? He extends perfectly-timed grace, even when our timing is off! Well-written story!
Very nice writing. Lots of great description brought me right into the dressing room with you (hope you donít mind:) I agree with the other comments that even when we make mistakes God continues to bless us.

One suggestion would be to begin a new paragraph when someone new is speaking. Begin paragraph 2 with:

"Let me know if I can help you find anything," the perky blond at the door said.

"I need something white," I said. "For my wedding."

This was lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.