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Neat story about two friends; I liked how Annie understood her friend and how the conference brought them together in something they could both enjoy.

Just a note on punctuating dialogue... it should be: "I have a suprrise for you," she said. (comma instead of period at end of dialogue). I had to rewrite one of my novels after a critique partner pointed this out to me... :)
Here's another idea about that punctuation. Something my editor always told me. Don't worry about the tag if it's clear who is speaking.

Oh how I wanted to be sitting in front of that fire on pillows with a good friend! You always have a way of making things "feel" so cozy!

Excellent writing!
What a wonderful account of a loving friendship. And so good to know that Annie was prepared to go. What a great hope that is for those left behind. Well written.
Loved your title, and the characterization of your friendship.
The story began in such a joyful way and then my heart sank at the news of Annies cancer. The writing was very real, and the story touched my heart.
This is a wonderful story. It had light-hearted moments, then got deadly serious. Very warm, sad, yet hopeful. This is fine writing. Just beautiful.
What a heartwarming story! Annie sounds like a delightful person to meet in real life. I enjoyed the "Surprise" that she had in store for her friend and though the ending was a little sad, it spoke volumes for the title which was very true in this piece. Hope is Irrepressible in Him. Excellent writing! ^_^
Such a beautiful story and written with a talented pen!
I liked the dialogue and felt it believable. Great work!
Oh, Rita - how I have missed your warm, "comfy" stories! You have a way of inviting us right into your living room. Wonderful characterization and detail. Is this true? (I only ask because I know how close Aneheim is to you! LOL)
The companionship between women is something always to be admired and you've not only shown us a reason why, but presented it in a meaningful format as well.
I had the opportunity not very many years ago to be with a friend while she battled cancer that claimed her life not two weeks after she left the hospital. This brought back that memory.

Thanks for portraying the strength of friendship in this way.
Well written with good dialogue and interaction between the characters. Very good job.
Wonderful tale - I enjoyed it even if it did turn sad. The irrepressable hope picked me right back up. Good job!
What a beautiful expression of authentic friendship. You wove a tender, sweet, sad story around two very believable characters. Great read!