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Oh, this is good. I want to hear Maggie's side of the story now! I've always been fascinated by fictional accounts of slavery and the Underground Railroad. I also love how you wove the song lyrics in. It was a nice touch.
Unique story telling...loved it!
Wonderful account of an underground railroad story. I lived for years near the "Patty Cannon" house on the Maryland/Delaware borderline. Always loved the history told there. This would make a great book!
I enjoyed this. All along I thought that Maggie was dying! Nice job.
Just wonderful - I love how you worked the song into the story. I'll definitely want to read this one over and over
Really good story, and very evocative of time and place.

I was slightly disoriented by the dialect--since it's written in the 3rd person, not narrated, it seemed out of place. I think it'd be more effective to keep the dialect, but narrate the story in the first person.

Just my opinion, because this is a really well-written story as is.
A good my attention and held it. I hoped she was going on the Underground Railroad.
Great story! I knew right away it was the Underground Railroad and I was hooked. I liked the dialect, as it helped establish the setting and the narrator, though I agree this would be stronger in first person. I also liked the song throughout - I could hear her humming.
This piece whisked me away to another time and place. Loved the dialect that was used. Very well done.
I enjoy stories like this that transport me somewhere else. I felt as if I were there. Wonderful writing and characterization. Blessings, Jo
Very nice! I enjoyed this touching story and the blending of music and words. Well done. Thanks for sharing it
I loved the history of this--I caught that it was about the Underground Railroad right away. The way you worked it I was able to easily read this and still get a flavor of the dialect, without struggling over it. Tess's personality comes through nicely, too. Good job!
I love history, I love that song, and I love hearing about the Underground Railroad. This blessed me on a number of levels!