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I think will see an infomercial on this very soon! I can't wait! LOL Classic look at today's marketing strategy. Oh wait, this marketing strategy has been around for quite a while, hasn't it! Excellent potrayal of man trying to profit from God! And sad to think that as ridiculous has it sounds, someone would probably actually by this proposal. :O

Very unique and well-written!
The logic of this is a good reminder of how man often twists the truth to the point he believes it himself.

Just as a side note, this story brought back a childhood memory. My mom and dad told me and and brothers that if we could put salt on a bird's tail, we could catch it. Taking our parents literally, and desperately wanting to capture a bird for a pet, we put salt in a can, and tried to find a way to get it on a bird's tail!
I love the humor in this piece. Nice descriptive writing, too - I had a mental movie in my head. And of course a great lesson the greed of man. Great job!
Very funny! I like the idea very much.
I found the beginning a little hard to work out what was going on - a little fragmented or something - but then I am very tired, so probably just me!
Lots of fun, and a good message.
This is a lighthearted look on an old problem: people thinking you can get in by this case, threading a camel through the eye of a needle. If it's not one thing, it's another. The real deal is too hard to believe. Free? It can't be free! There has to be a catch! There must be something I can do. We want to make it something measurable, that we can do ourselves, in our own effort. A well written, nice reminder!
I enjoyed the humor here, as well as the good lesson. I liked the "wing tips on the desk," and I want one of the sock connectors! The premise was about as ridiculous as some actually held today. I'm thankful for His promise and our faith in being with our Lord eternally.
Wonderful satire, and commentary on our culture. I really liked this a lot.
Oh this is good. SOOO creative. Your charcters were very well crafted. You spun this yarn (pun unintentional) very well.
Interesting take on the topic. The Spaghetti-opening is confusing. The reader has to read quite a ways into it before they can guess at what's going on.

Thanks for the tip - I sold my entire holding of Chesterfield stock.
Very creative take on the topic! Man's arrogance hasn't changed has it? Well done with underlying humor humor 'weaved' throughout! :)
Unique, creative! I love the humor with a very pertinent message woven throughout!Fantastic writing!
I enjoyed your creativity on this one and the slice of humor too. LOL Great characterization and dialog as well. Nice job, Joanne!
Oh, I loved this. Why do I have a feeling that the final invention will be some sort of viewing device where you can see a picture of a camel through the eye of a needle? It seems to fit his personality.
A great one!! It is so true how some try to make the Bible fit them instead of taking the word of God as it is and molding ourselves to it.
Yours is a cute and creative take on the subject! I enjoyed it.
I loved this! Isn't it too true that the world uses PR to twist things to their desires. This reminded me of something that would be on a 5 minute program on the Christian Radio station. Great job.
Where did this satiracle voice come from. Beyond very nice. Creative, well written. God bless.
What a delightful story! Your characterization of Chesterfield is great! I can still see and hear him even now! LOL! And yes, great commentary on our culture of sell, sell, sell.
A very creative title and interesting twist to the topic. I loved the conversation in the office.
Your descriptions are great! I could it all happening, in detail--it's just sad there are people like this! Good job!! ;-)
Your creativity and imagination is wonderful! I really enjoy the lesson in this story and it was easy to visualize. The start threw me when it didn't continue to explain the spaghetti. If you edit this MHO would be to make the connection a bit clearer for the reader or delete it. Great message!
wow -- I hope this is a winner! You took the perfect verse and applied it so creatively to the topic! I was wondering how you could end it and still keep the chararacter and flow and you did it amazingly well! The people were great!! Nice work!!
My goodness, how clever. You really had me with this one.
I LOVE this idea and it was so creatively written! Loved the story from start to finish. Thanks for sharing this
Great humor here and more proof the world just won't see things as the Lord meant them...
Great job! I could almost hear the voices of your characters and picture the boss and his employees in the office in my mind, through your descriptions. Your storyline flowed-awesome. Humorous and sure brings the message across.I really like this one. Way to go.God bless your writing. Janice+-
Our political "spin doctors" should read this. I wonder if they'd get it? Humor is a great way to get the message across. Good job.

Linda Settles