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From the title to the last line this was an enjoyable read. Great job and tribute to both the flag and the flag maker.
A great tribute to our God, and a wonderful way to teach history. Nicely done!
A very enjoyable telling of this wonderful tale. I can see it as an illustrated children's book.
Thsi was really nice, and very original. I'm a sucker for patriotism. Kudos.
VERY good! I really enjoyed this - it was creative and I LOVED the POV. Kudos to ya girl! I love your title. ;)
How awesome! I loved this just as a history lesson - but as a poem I absolutely ADORE it! I'm definitely going to be checking out that link. Fascinating.
Wonderful! Great title, and a lilting poem.
Informative and entertaining and a good poem as well!
Oh, this was really good! It took me awhile to realize it wasn't the current "George" you were talking about, but I think that actually added to it. It gave it an air(sp?) of mystery. Great job.
What a wonderful story in verse! I love it even more because it's true, a beautiful part of our special history in the U.S. You never once let me as a reader slip away in the course of a long narrative poem, and that is real skill! Great work!!
Our children in schools today need to experience a history lesson like this. Her story comes alive and I too can't resist a great piece of Americana shared!
Great title. I learned a lot from your verses and enjoyed the lesson. Very creative way to approach the subject.
Thank you, Donna, for putting into verse this great story. God bless.