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This is a hoot. I love the message all neatly wrapped in humor. The descriptions are awesome. I could see the smoke rolling. Very well done.
How entertaining! This was fun.
This is great. I'm still laughing.
Great imaginative writing. Kudos to Mildred. I am still chuckling. Well written, good descriptive use of words.
Goodness, where did you get that idea from? I'd have pondered the subject for a month of Sundays before coming up with something so uproarious. Fantastic - I'm still chuckling now. Lemon the demon! And handcream on his talons! Brilliant. See you in Masters next week!
Good story. Loved the humor.
Loved it! Picture perfect. Thanks for sharing your talent.
Intertaining, creative and a hoot to boot! (tehe) THIS was fun! AND it was a great read.
So clever and fun! Love Mildred.
One of the most creative entries ever!
I loved Mildred, too, and all her fractured hearing. What a delightful story!
It's so entertaining how she combatted Satan's evil slurs. The comedic way in which she answers is a total blast! A great idea for how we should handle him to keep him at bay. :) This was funny!! Great job! Jo
Hehe Oh, this is great. It reminds me a bit of "The Screwtape Letters." I really can't think of anything I'd change, but I'd love to see the expanded a bit.
Yowsers! What an entry. Thanks for keeping me in stitches:)
I think creativity has just been redefined. Imagination like this inspires me, moves me, challenges parts of my brain that rarely get visited. I look forward to each of your entries with anticipation. You're becoming one of my favorite writers, and not just here at FW's. God bless.
Great title - you definitely had me in stitches! Masterful writing!
Wow, what an idea - and you carried it right through. Very clever.
Cute story, great title and I really laughed at the ending. Very good job. Thanks for sharing it
Fun and Clever. I really enjoyed this.
A job well done. Good imagery and imagination. I could see Bedlam's disgust and Mildred's seeming gulliblity.
Tee hee, congratulations. Looks like you'd better have a long vacation, don't you think?
What a laugh! Worth all the praise. There is an advantage to growing old - some things just are temptations any more. God bless and keep writing.
Whoa! This is so good! Your writing was entertainiing and humorous, as well as thought provoking. I really like this!Keep up the writing!God bless.
Just reread my comment. Should read: There is an advantage to growing old - somethings just aren't temptations any more.

The closer I get to heaven (spiritually and physical time on earth) the focus changes.