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Well done. This was fun to read. The conversation between the two angels was great.
Cowboy angels...clever! I enjoyed the banter. A little tightening of punctuation would strengthen this entry. Keep up your great creative story-telling.
I also enjoyed the banter, and your last paragraph was lovely. I had to reread, because I'd always been taught angels were created beings, and that they didn't have "earth lives" before they became angels - but that was more about my beliefs than your writing. Great read!
Oh, this was good. And especially appropriate for me, as I just finished read "The Screwtape Letters." I think I prefer the conversation between angels. This was a great read, and such a unique take on the topic.
"Below the clouds and into the heart" - this is quite good - easy to read, flows well, and has a nice story. Sounds like it would be a cute child's book.
This was amazing! I don't know much about rodeo sports but your analysis of what it did for Lance is wonderful. I really enjoyed reading this; thanks for sharing it
Very well done. I like angel stories. Your descriptions are wonderful, too. Kudos!
This was great! Completely creative, I love the fact that the two characters were angels and I especially like the touch of horses. The dialouge was honest and crisp and the ending was a bit of a surprise. Wonderful writing! ^_^
I really liked this. The dialog was good and Lance's openness allowed us to see more while making him analyze his life and prepare for his assignment at the same time.
Like Joanne, I was confused a little by the man becoming an angel. But setting that issue aside, I very much enjoyed the story. This was a very creative entry. I loved the idea of the guardian angel specifically chosen for this child. One suggestion would be to avoid the use of too many colons. Otherwise, a very interesting and enjoyable read.