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I can identify. It's funny. Sales people don't really care if you use that expensive equipment, they just want you to buy it.
Loved the title - and all the humor! You have some real doozies in here! The last part was also a keeper. Good stuff!
It took me a moment to get the title-very clever! This was a nice, easy kind of read with honest humor and a very interesting look at life at the gym when you're 40 to 50+ I loved the piece with the ipod and mp3 player. Very fun. Great job with this ^_^
My family can identify, too. I use the handles on our treadmill to hang my cowboy hat. Thanks for the truthful, candid look at ourselves.
Great one! I can sure relate to it, our bike makes a great clothes rack!!
I liked this story a lot and laughed throughout the piece. “…when our first AARP magazine arrived, and the people on the cover looked like us.” This cracked me up and reminded me of a photo Christmas card we received this year from friends from college. I told my husband that THEY were getting old and realized that must mean we were too.

Cute sentence: “The thought of a photographer including us in every photo with a couple who looked like Barbie and Ken drove me to my knees in front of my full length mirror.”

A couple of suggestions: No semi colon needed after Jeopardy. Farther refers to distance and should be used instead of further. Insert hyphen for thirty-fifth.

You have a great voice: “Give me another month and I would be running circles around her.”
And I liked this metaphor: “…an IPOD… to make that treadmill sing.” The ending was really cute. Other than tweaking this a bit I think it’s a great piece of writing. I hope you will continue to work on this one.
This is sooo good, Terri!
Boy could I relate! (I also joined a gym about 3 months ago & know the feeling of "not wanting to go" at least 4-5 times a week.
Sorry I'm just now getting around to it...Awesome job of writing & so true!