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I really enjoyed reading this!
The vivid descriptions brought everything to life--I especially enjoyed the buttons popping off the narrator's pants and the pools of sweat on the floor. Felt as though I were right there! Great message as well--and the title also drew me in.
Loved the title. It fit your story perfectly. sweat formed puddles under my feet. I felt like a duck out of water." This was an excellent devotion! I especially liked your message in the second to last paragraph. And, the last line was cute. I liked this a lot.
This is great: "My opponent was real. He had a name and a purpose. I would take him seriously, blocking his every move"
I bet a lot of us can relate to needing a change of attitude. Well done.
Been there, done that (kickboxing), got the t-shirt, but, being a peacemaker myself, I wish I'd had your attitude adjustment. I'm going to send this story to my neice who was the fitness instructor who got me roped into this class! She's a strong Christian: she could use it to motivate others! I was happy to see a refreshing sprinkling of humor throughout! Thanks for sharing your fresh insight!
Amusing and fun to read--thanks for being candid! You have a fun writer's voice.
I enjoyed your voice, and the great message. It was worked into your story seemingly effortlessly. Much to think about!
I really enjoyed this. Great lesson worked well into the story. Refreshing to read about a different sport also.
O' how I loved this. Now which lesson should I focus on. There were so many and at nearly 50 I have those sweat pants too.

I loved the line: "After all, I had no plans to hang out in dark alleys any time soon."

Too clever! Yet like you said the enemy has a few dark places he likes to take us if he can. Attitudes and such can be as destructive as a dark alley. Great job!
Great job! I loved the personification "Long forgotten muscles screamed their resisitance"; the words packed a dummy punch".
I was surprised and pleased to see the message so nicely woven into the story.
Smoothly written. I moved right along with the writer. Felt every pain and emotion. Good job.
My goodness. After the kick-boxing classes and your attitude adjustment of thinking of your enemy, I don't think I'd want to meet up with you in a dark alley! ;) Great job. While kick-boxing sounds kind of fun, I don't think I have the flexibility to do it! lol