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How many times a day does this happen to me? Too many. Well, maybe not exactly this but close. What a spiritual workout! I felt like I went through it myself. Sticky feet. Ugh I hate that sound!Such vivid writing!
A fun read. Glad those kind of things happen to others, too! I liked the irony of the Heart to Heart ministry.
A good read. Couldn't help laughing at the mess 'cause I've been there. And, because I have, I could thoroughly sympathize with you. This piece deserves an award - the Mother's Award for Good Sportsmanship!
Like Sue, I was cringing when I read the part about the shoes sticking.... That's one of the worst sounds in my book. Great story that kept me interested throughout.
Love the humor and satire of this piece. Most housewives have been there and can relate. Good job.
Love the fast pace writing of this - made it feel even more harried! Love the first paragraph too, especially.
This was a very good story. It was heavy in description...good description, but what saved it from being a very "sweet, simple story" was the humor throughout and the takeaway (several of them, in fact.) It's a recipe for success.....and, yes, I, too, have been there more times than I care to remember. Good job!
This was a great story that hit home. I like the pup getting in the way, as that adds to the frustration and also the illustration. Great job.
I liked this description: “…breakfast fell to the earth like a downpour of chocolate rain.” I enjoyed the humor throughout the story, especially the suction sounds with each step, and not missing the irony of it all. Great job of bringing the paw prints back into your story at the end and your message that we would leave sweet paw prints of a healthy heart wherever we go.