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I liked this alot. Very touching that his fourth friend was one he picked for himself and the one that would last. Well done.
Michael is a loveable character and I like his forth friend even better. You painted a very vivid picture of his personality and I really enjoyed the ending best of all as well as his logically correct answers in the beginning...very well done. Very creative too. ^_^
There’s so much to like about this story, so I’ll try to narrow it down to some of my favorites. To begin, the initial dialogue drew me right into the story, and by the forth paragraph you’ve done a great job of revealing Michael’s character. The message at the end was unexpected and powerful. “Do you think He could be here also in the nightmare world?” I loved everything about the concluding paragraph.

The story is loaded with wonderful descriptions. One favorite: “…tears slithering down her cheeks like transparent worms.” A perfect description for a science geek. Superb writing from beginning to end!
Excellent. Very well written from Michael's point of view. The ending was very touching and sweet.
All of the above! You did a great job of "painting" these characters with your words.
As a Specisl Education teacher, I really enjoyed your story! It's so true of some children in need of special services to be senstitve to loud noises and to "feel" things inside no one else would feel. Your descriptions were great and this was a well written piece!
oops! Special Education teacher. Now you see why!
oops! Special Education teacher. Now you see why!