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Ironic indeed. What a different look on the story of Cain. I thought it was pretty interesting and definitely quite different from anything I've read about him before. The title, Blood Sport, was a bit unusual, but I think it fits. Nice job.
How clever! You took an age-old, told hundreds of times story and found a whole new way of portraying it. Your rendition abounds with Cain's pride sarcasm, insolence, and above all an unwillingness to look at his own heart.

May we never be like Cain. Quite a unique perspective on the story. I enjoyed it immensely. Excellent!
Great twist on the topic. I really like the title and the unique POV for such a familiar story. One minor typo, but very well written. I enjoyed the contrast between Cain's unrepentant, selfish attitude and God's mercy extended to him anyway.
This definitely set a somber and solitary mood for me.
You did a great job of "getting into" Cain's head. Well done.
I just LOVE how you gave this story a completely different perspective.I had never thougth about Cain in this way. This is extremely well written.
Wow - what a powerful piece -definitely makes you think about Cain and Abel in a new light.
Wow. I've never thought about life from Cain's perspective. I thought you captured him well, too. Your last line "never asking forgiveness" was so sad, true, but sad and left me wondering what if he had asked for forgiveness...
Yes, this is certainly a unique approach to this familiar story. I had never thought about Cain's "I still feel sorry for Cain" attitude. Good job.
Wow. As many others have said, this is such a unique take on the story of Cain! I never thought about his parents thinking he was the Savior. How interesting. I too, found it interesting that Cain still focused so much on himself after his deed, but I suppose that's what sin does to all of us.
Oh, I enjoyed this. First I enjoyed piecing together who it was (and yes, I did get it before you gave it away!) Then I enjoyed the perspective and the really unusual angle you told it from. Most of all, I loved the throw-away line about Adam and Eve hoping he might be the Saviour. Never thought of it like that, but I bet they did. Great. Thank you for something really new to consider.
This is really, really good. For me, the kicker was in the last paragraph--he was only sorry to the extent that he was being punished. How like Cain we still are!
I was definitely surprised at this POV. A real original, and it is so skillfully written. Thanks for sharing this
I have heard that Cain's parents were expecting a Savior. I have heard that Cain was self-centered, but what you've done here is seen, first and foremost, in your title. BLOOD SPORT: how up to date is this? At first, I read it as if it were a modern story. I love when people fool me like this! You have given me...and, by the sound of it, the rest of your readers, several AHA! moments in this story. That is the mark of an excellent Christian writer! Well written, creative, innovative, with AHA moments.....let's see....I think this has all the elements for being a standout! Well done, Sue!
Good story. I love it when writers give us a new perspective into an old story, or a twist to a Biblical story. I really liked how you portrayed Cain's emotions and self-centredness.