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I like how your adoration gradually turned to strong dislike! A very funny article!
ROFL! This is so hilarious. I wasn't sure where it was going at first, but by the middle I was laughing my head of. A wonderful light-hearted look at some of those 'cute trainers'. I liked the opposite emotions you had here and the drastic change from like to dislike. Very well done! ^_^
Oh my goodness! This was so good. I laughed and chuckled . Great idea and great writing.
Wow!! Double WOW! Absolutely 'out of this world' funny...and SO creative! Delightful, comical and entertaining. (I'm no masochist - but enjoyed the read). Great writing! Good Job.
I enjoyed this cleverly written farce.
Funny piece. Well written and kept me reading.
Congratulations Marianne! Your Adonis won the hearts of the Judges! Did a great job!!
Cute! Very Cute! And I agree, getting fit with ANYONE would be like a session with Adolph Hitler. Too bad you had to "wake up" to reality about the Adonis guy. But anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on "Highly Commended!"...You are a good writer, and I have used your stories many times on my website: Occupy Till I Come -
HYSTERICAL! I laughed out loud, especially at the "Adonis Adolph Hitler" part. I am sending this to my mom, she will get a huge kick out of it. Well done and I LOVE the ending!!!
I can't believe I didn't leave a comment on this hilarious piece of writing. I know I've read it before, and I still laughed like crazy reading it again. My hubby said I should print some funny stories to read to my sister, and this one came immediately to mind.

I thank God for your delightfully wonderful sense of humor---I love it and I love you!