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Bittersweet and lovely. Nicely done.
This was a beautiful story. So sad and so sweet. Such a wonderful expression of a husband’s love for his wife. As tender as it was, I thought it was also very real. I enjoyed it a great deal.
What an emotion-filled beautifully written story! Nice work.
Precious, endearing, and loving story...beautifully done.
Such real emotions here. This felt completely authentic and heartbreaking. A wonderful portrait of love.
FYfou can feel the sadness here, and, I guess, that's what it's all about. Sadness through death comes to everyone, but we need to go on because life is still happening.
WOW! This really drew me in and took me through a range of emotions. You do a great job of putting us in the location without a lot of discription of the setting. I really like message.
Your writing is as tender as the stitches on that little bonnet. Just beautiful, Ann!
I could feel quite a few emotions; especially Vicar's desperation. Terrific job molding this lovely little story. Blessings, Jo
This left a lump in my throat. So tender and raw emotions expressed so well.
Your work is always beyond description. I really liked thid. "A good work" a good title, but not when it comes to commenting on your story. Superbly, outstanding work. God bless.
Beautiful, moving piece, Ann. Strange similarity between our pieces this week! Congratulations
Jeepers - I was SURE I left a comment on this yesterday, but it's not there. Hmmmm, I must be losing it! ANWYAY, this touched me very deeply, and I even told my hubby about it last my first pick (of those I read). The tender heart-message of this man says volumes. You've crafted the story so that it's packed with details and character development, is period-dated (sort of), and speaks of humanity's longing to heal.

Ditto on all the comments above - great story. Very precious, very sweet. I was waiting for the tie in of the daughter being crafted as well. Congratulations on your win.
Ann, your imagination, your creativity are wondrous. I'm so glad that they're tied in with writing talent. You're the whole package. Keep raising the bar!