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This is beautiful, and my soul understood it even if my head wasn't positive, if you know what I mean! ;-) I caught a lot of Biblical references there like us being clay in the Potter's hand, being refind with fire, iron sharpening iron, us being made of dust, Jesus's birth... Am I close?
This was beautifully done, I loved the images and words. I am a bit confused about the meaning though - but perhaps that is my own lack. In any case it was a pleasure to read.
A matery of free verse!
I knew it , too, in my soul, and it left enough mystery to provoke deeper thinking! I love seeing different forms of poetry being presented on FW! This one was beautifully done. Keep "being different!"
I like the form of this poem. I also like to see a bit of rhyming in a free verse poem and you had that as well. This touched me and yet I know it's a rich piece with even more meaning than I've grasped.
Intriguing title and intriguing piece! Beautiful imagery that helped me see the creative process taking place! I'm not sure I totally understood the last line, but I have an idea...
Extraordinary free verse. Meticulous, lovely imagery.
Every word was a feast.
Beaucoup kudos. I loved it!
Beautiful but I too am unclear of what excactly you are describing. The images are wonderful, though. (I like it! really! It made me happy! Ponderous, but happy!)
I think you are describing how God made man... and I ditto all of the other comments on how beautiful the writing descriptions are.
Very nice images here and although I've never done glassblowing I could picture the process here. I enjoyed reading this. Good title, too. Thanks for sharing this.
I love this! I 'got' it, but maybe it would help others to add this last stanza. I don't see how it would take away from the piece, it will only add more beauty.
I'm not a good one to critique poetry. I write some myself, but never free verse or prose. I'm just not good at it, so I won't try to comment. I do think I understood the meaning though.
Pat, your images, your word choice, your format--all contributed to a lovely creation. Add the final stanza, I think--it's just more loveliness, and it does help to clarify.

Very good--I can almost feel the heat.
Pat, I feel like I have a delicious, decadent piece of chocolate in my grasp but it's being kept from my lips where I can really savor it. I am not a writer of free verse and due to my own lack don't always grasp the meanings of them. I do know, however, that once you share your vision/meaning for this poem I'm sure to want more. I do love your word choices; the obviou seduction this poem and your talent always. Blessings, Jo
What a masterful work, Pat.....this one sears the heart deeply no matter the level of interpretation. And that's no small achievement. :-)

Early on I caught this: "this curious mixture of sand, ash and fire. Pure, transforming fire." At that point I wondered if you were talking about glass! But then your development is so melodious and involved that it seems to take the reader to depths beyond that image - as other have possibly suggested, into the creative process itself.

An amazing work. You go girl!
Every words in this is meaningful and lovely, and appears to be well thought out. I *think* I understand what you are saying.
I personally like free verse a great deal, but I'm not very good at it. You are.
I loved your new last stanza and feel it does clarify what is happening! So beautiful! So rich! :)
I loved this! The last stanza is wonderful but the entire imagery, the flickering tongues of fire, the oranges, I just loved it. I was raised in the "Glass Capital of the World" and to see glass used in relation to Our Creator versus pottery set this apart. Well done!!
I think this flowed very well for being 'free verse'. The descriptions of fire and the use of the word 'Ancient' said a lot to me. There's a great deal of emotion here. Wonderful writing-and I love the title-it fits perfectly! ^_^
You continue to amaze me, girl! You keep pushing the boundaries, stretching and challenging your talents; and doing so, so expertly. You're an inspiration. I appreciate you and your gift. God bless.
The added stanza would have tied everything together nicely, but you made it into the top 15/40 without it! This is truly a special piece, Pat. :)
Is this poetry or a symphony? It is magnificent. Wow!!!!!
Pat, I thought I had commented on this poem! Can't believe I didn't...the phone must have rung and got me off track! LOL! I love this now just as I did the first time I read it. I caught on immediately what it is about and was mesmerized with your treatment of the subject the glassblower. It is just wonderful, dear poet friend! My favorite lines are actually these: "Returning
time and time again to
the blazing touch of
yielding to perfection.
Until clearly …
it is finished." Beautiful!!