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Such a bittersweet piece, but with a hopefilled ending! The contrast between the sunny, carefree days picking flowers and fashioning "jewelry" and the storm-shattered days searching the rubble for belongings was so strong! There was a great message in your story, too! Thank you! :)
The last part brought me to tears. What a beautiful story of utter dispair, hopeless tragedy - but the writer has found a bright shining ray of hope. Loved it, but so sad. Nicely written,I might add.
Great job describing the tornado. I was right there. I could feel the emotions of both the little girl and the mother, too. This was sad, but ended on a note of hope. Well done.
You've done a good job of expressing an event that, forever after, will separate one part of your life from another: the carefree and the worldworn. We all have those divisions. The innocence before and the reality that follows. Good job.
I can even feel the dandelion chain in my own hand, how I remember them from my days. This story against the backdrop of the storm gives hope. Emotional, descriptive, well done.
Ah yes, dandelion chains! I often weave them for my students in the spring during recess. They are always delighted. Now I have your story to recall when it's dandelion necklace time. Thanks for an inspiring story of hope.
Didn't all little girls weave clover and dandelion chains? Most females will identify with this craft. The story that went with it was heartwarming.
I'd forgotten about those chains! Thank you for giving me back a sweet memory. I understand the wrath of a tornado from living in an area with them and family members being victim to them - so the sadness and then hope you gave really spoke to me. This was very good writing with a wonderful ending!