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I LOVED THIS STORY! My heart ached that, already, this little precious child of God wanted to be somebody else...and just having a different name could convince her that, somehow, she would be "better" if she wasn't frightened by the lion, or didn't spill on her dress, etc. I could imagine it being my granddaughter and I wanted to put my arms around her and say, "Patricia, Katie, or whatever your name might be next week, I love you and think you're just perfect, no matter what, just like Jesus does." Thanks for this touching and telling piece. Tremendous job!
This is a delightful and touching story; a child with problems in a "make believe" world with a new name. Precious. I liked this interesting and unusual story of Patricia. Very creative and writing is very good. Nice job.
A fantastic story that was such a joy to read! I loved the comparisons you made in the 6th and 7th paragraphs. The part about the lettuce was really cute, and the children’s voices were so real. My favorite part, though, was when Katie’s mother picked her up. You pulled the story together perfectly. Excellent writing!
I loved this. The lettuce, the spider cross, the punch stain, such vivid writing. I heard from a 60 something grandma that she did this same thing as a child and the new name stuck and her mother never said a word. How funny...
Our first reaction to this could be, "Why was she lying?" But I think you answered it beautifully. We need to be more careful when we deal with children. We never know what is behind their actions. Maybe they are hurting and no one knows. Good story.
This was wonderful! You had such good detail and you put me right there in the heart of the little girl. Nice writing!
I'm writing this two weeks after it appeared as a challenge piece. I'm not sure if you will go back and read the comments on your former articles but I hope you will this time. When I read this story I wrote to a fellow faithwriter and asked her to read it. The two of you write like identical twins. Look up terri tiffany's work and I think you will agree. I love her work and I'm coming to love yours as well. Many of your other pieces make me think of her as well. When people comment on my work I look up their profile...that is how I got back to this article. Keep up the great work.
I chose to read this article because the girl's make-believe name is the same as mine. What a fascinating story, told with great detail and made believable with your great talent. I am blessed to enjoy your creativity and brilliant writing.

In Jesus' Name,