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Oh, what a romp this was! A bit hard to follow with the accent, but not insurmountably so! You painted wonderful pictures with your words - and I definitely felt like I was right there!
What a hoot! After all the rivalry I enjoyed your ending. Great title, too.
"Sister, Revelations Come to life." How funny! I'm smiling, great title and story.
Funny, funny. But it was a little hard to read with such heavy accents. Liked the ending too.
I loved it, I agree, the dialect needs to broken out somehow, but other than that this has to be one of my new favorite Boudreax stories. Well done.
This is delightful! Love the regional flavor, and this was great fun.

As someone who has occasionally experimented with dialect, here's a suggestion: You only have to suggest a dialect with a few well chosed dialect-ish words. The readers will "get it" and will read in dialect in their minds. Choose which ones are most effective at establishing the rhythm and grammar of your dialect, and keep those, and put the rest back in standard English. But I think, since this is narrated in the first person, that you have to keep the dialect in the non-dialog parts, too. Just less of it. Make sense?

You're a talented writer--this was great!
This was so funny and so good. I could see this happening. Especially in a small southern town where churches are on every street corner. What a riot!
I LOVED this! Since you are relating a story as if somebody was speaking using their normal conversation, I think the Cajun dialogue throughout is appropriate. For me, it made the piece. I sure don't know how technically correct it is, but for me, it worked. Good job.
Hilarious! I live in a small town and - YEAH!!! HaHaha! Thanks
I loved this wonderfully rich and funny piece, too! :D Well-done!
How clever. And I bet you really enjoyed writing this. :)
Wahoo! What fun! I slowed down to first grade reading speed, but it sure was fun. I could see that dominoe effect, and loved it! :-)
Ha! Double, Ha!! You put big smiles on this reader. A much needed read after a long day. I like very much. Beyond the boarders of Kool. Great job, friend. God bless.
Congrats Marilee!!!
Way to go, marilee! Keep it up!
Congratulations, Marilee. I'm excited for your win!
Ya Hoo! Great Job!!!!
So proud of you. God bless.
CONGRATULATIONS on a story that absolutely deserved to win! I knew it was a star from the moment I first read it, and I love being right! :)
Congratulations Marilee! Didn't catch dis one first time around; usually critique yours, but dis time must've been overly busy. But never too late to say Great Job!! and KUDOS for de placing!
Oh, I loved the dialect, and some of your phrases - I just laughed out loud. Fantastic - one to treasure and read on blue days! Congratulations.
Wish I had been there but pictured it well in my mind. In fact, still picturing it in my mind!
God bless and keep writing.