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I really like your shift in scenes, from the group to the lone woman. How, too, like God to place a knitting needle where we thought our coffee was. March on, he says....and I say, "Write on!" Good job. (I loved the title!)
This format was really effective and you pulled it off very well. Great job!

I love how you show (through this format) how God is working when we aren't aware if it. A great reminder to ponder. Loved it!
Really clever title, and the knitting needle was a masterful touch. Great job!
A masterpiece! The shift back and forth was so well done, and you captured the emotions well. I loved this.
What a good example of how God works when we all seek His will.
Well written and a great reminder of how things do happen but we only see a small part of it.
Kool, very creative and well written. What's funny is that I thought I commented on your story earlier this week. But, somebody else got the comment as I put it on the wrong one. I liked the POV experiemnt, well done, the pov shifted but the focus stayed right on point. Excellent job. God bless.
Very nice! I really enjoyed this story and I love being able to guess what Bess will say. Thanks so much for sharing this touching story.
I also enjoyed the POV shifts. It's like we got a front row seat to see God work. Great job!
Enjoyed sitting in on the characters' thoughts and prayers - very personal. I was wondering all along what they were going to ask Bess to do...and now, being a knitter myself, I'm still wondering! (That's totally ok and doesn't deter from the point of your story....just my own musings.)

This reminds me of how God's timing is perfect. Something I needed today, so thanks!

This was a good tearjerker! I loved it! Loved seeing the prayer efforts and the ladies were so real I could see them sitting there together. You touched on so many truths - thanks!
I really love a writer who can take everyday events and relate them in the way you have. This is well written, and has a message, too. Very well done.
You managed to pull this one off :) A real moment in someone's life without making it all mushy and flowery - congratulations.
I love those moments when you know God is speaking to you. Great job weaving the importance of prayer and our reliance on the Lord for everyday needs. Enjoyable, well-crafted writing as always! Blessings, Jo
Well-written and heart-warming story! I loved the caring and concern expressed by the "church ladies." I also appreciated that they and Bess were praying at the same time for the same thing! No wonder the answer came so quickly and clearly! Clever title, as well! :)
Very nice heartwarming piece. I don't write fiction, but from a reader's perspective I'll say your POV experiment worked for me. :)
Your organization and timing are impeccable. God's timing is, too, isn't it?! Nice job.
Good thing she realized it was a knitting needle before she put it to her ear!!! LOL Only I would think of this. What a unique way to intertwine craft into an entry and what a neat way to show how God builds faith. Great writing!
God works out all the small details of our lives! You captured Bess well and made those POV shifts quite well. Great job!!! :-)
God is just like that!! I found the ladies' desire to honor the Son refreshing. And they honor Him by loving their neighbor instead of forcing "ministry" on her weary shoulders. Great lesson, great work! :-)