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I loved the analogies and the family lines following through.

Just a couple of things that needed checking - Fraser or Frazer? 'grandma's sewing lessons' - sorry, my proofreading eye takes over when I'm reading but I did enjoy the story.
I think I didn't catch the above little 'bloop' because it was so good, and I was so involved I didn't notice Very good, well written and I loved the format. Loved the connections in this story.
Wow! There was a lot of meat to this story...for me. So many of us are impatient and want to be good at something right away, myself included. I think of my Russian "son" and his brother. My son took art lessons since he was four years old and drew or painted for hours every day. He was the quiet, introspective type. His brother was the outgoing athlete. Big brother's car design was selected to be next year's prototype.... and younger brother...well, he is majoring in design, but he still isn't willing to put the time in to be the standout his brother is. Another thing I loved is how the two granddaughters have different pursuits already, one gravitating toward writing and the other toward sewing. I wonder if you realized how much you gave the reader to ponder. Great story. I learned a lot!
A wonderful lesson wrapped up in a comfy story :) My daughter keeps asking when she can learn to sew :)
Lovely, warm story demonstrating how we can influence others to follow their own passions--whether or not they're exactly the same as ours! I loved the wise Grandma Frazer in the first part and had to jot down her advice: "We can start by making the best of our beginnings." How profound! I love the message of the importance of our "foundations"! Thanks for a well-written piece! :)
Good story with a great message! Sorry for missing the typos. ;-) Good job!
What a heartwarming piece. I could relate to the part about wanting to be good at something right away. :) I like how you stitched sewing lessons and life lessons together in this piece.
This was a warm, homey read. I am partial to stories about grandmothers, being one myself. You did a good job "crafting" the characters, and I like the ending, too. Very well done.
It's hard to put so much into a few words. This could easily be lengthened except for time and space here. When the callenge is over work on it some more. It's a good thought and good writing.
This is so tender and sweet! It makes me long to be a grandmother myself.

My own grandmother taught me her craft--writing! And it looks like Meagan and Gillian are well on their way to being "crafty", too.
I love the circle that this makes. So wonderful.
A very lovely story and I enjoyed the "full circle journey" too. Thanks for sharing this
I love the reminiscent value of this piece. It made me think of my own grandmother and how she taught me to crochet. Thanks for sparking my own memories and for sharing a story that can do the same for many. Well done!Blessings, Jo
Wonderful story! Since I just learned I am to be a Grandma - this meant even more to me!!
I just had to have a talk with my seven year old son about how you have to try things even if you don't know how to do them. He doesn't quite grasp the prospect of practice either. He just wants to be good at something right now. Actually it's the failure part he can't grasp. He doesn't get that trying and learning is not failing. But your story has given me new ideas on how to help him with this. Thanks for sharing. My grandma tried to show us how to Tat one summer. I think my sister remembers. It was very tedious. But I DID try!!LOL
Sewing lessons! Wow, that brings back memories. I like the character of the grandmother and the little mysteries woven in. I can't see much to improve, except maybe I wish it was a bit longer so I could have gotten to know everyone a little more. Otherwise-very nice! ^_^
Excellent article/story. I like the way Grandma wove the truth of God's word into the story. Good details also. Thanks for sharing.

God Bless, Jeanette Oestermyer
This was so good! There's so much to learn and to pass on--you wove it all together quite well. Wonderful story!