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I really enjoyed this. It was very creative and had some really unique ideas:for one, that the clay chose. It was all so true. I wanted to get on the wheel and ask for laughter and joy, too! However, things are not always what they seem. It seems more often than not, comedians are made because of sad situations they grew up in. It brings home your point that our circumstances help form us. Thank you for a tremendous read!
I enjoyed this! I especially liked your phrase, "He laughed out loud." I could hear Him!
I enjoyed the message in this writing. We all have choices, but it would be better to let the potter tell us what those choices might mean. Thanks.
I love this! I've read lots of potter/clay stories, but nothing with this highly original slant. What a marvelous idea!
I was drawn by your intriguing title and enjoyed your piece until the final "well done"! It made me think about the fact that we have all been given the gift of free choice, but we do not always know what is the best thing to choose in any given situation. We dwell in safety if we yield to His will for us! Thanks for a thought-provoking read!
Congrats on a beautiful piece. You have some wonderful images and descriptions here. I was drawn in from the beginning and enjoyed reading all the way through. ^_^
This was a very creative entry. I loved this: I was no longer just a clump of clay. I was now a work in progress. I enjoyed the piece very much and thought the ending was beautiful. Congrats on you EC placement. Great job!
Beautiful, Cindy. I love the concept of the clay looking for input from the master craftsman - just the way it should be - by why do we barge ahead ourselves so often? Thanks for the good reminder. Your writing is excellent.