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This is a masterpiece "crafted" by an artist with words! I love the imagery and the wonderful surpise ending
You know, as I've watched "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" I've dreamed of my mansion. However, your words really paint a picture here. I really enjoyed this. It sort of makes you eager to get to that place of peace, love and beauty. Thanks for this story.
The imagery in this piece is superb. I had no problem visualizing this beautfiul mansion. I love the ending, too. Very well done.
Lovely description of a warm and beautiful home! If God builds the house--literally or figuratively--it will stand forever! :) Well done!
Good piece. Wonderful message.
Just beautiful - the description is just perfect. Your details are wonderful - I felt like I was right there. I wonder if this is who I think it is...
Dazzling descriptions, I long to read more!
The descriptions are great, the message moving, the talent, masterful. Only a true artist could have written this. Outstanding. Masters material for sure. God bless.
Ooooh, Mid, I've got chills! Awesome! Creative and touching. What a vision of our Father and the intricacies he tends to for us! Blessings, Jo
It won't be long... What a wonderful thought!
Not long into this, I thought, "I WANT TO GO THERE!" But at the time I had no idea you were describing the Ultimate Mansion. Wow.

This is a well-crafted (no pun) piece, embellished with bold imagery and deep with meaning. I loved it!
I had a feeling ...! This gave me chills! It sounds like the kind of mansion I want - maybe we will be neighbors. Awesome writing - a feast for the eyes
Soothing is the word that comes to mind when reading your work. Beautiful! Head on up to the front of the class.
Wow! Living with a carpenter and woodworker this really made me drool--for heaven!! Makes me want to go there even more! It'll be incredible...
Many congrats on this first place win!! This story touched me sooooo much - just the vision of the Lord's hands crafting something so special for me. Something as little as Him placing the shavings in his pocket made me feel that even the scraps of my life are important to Him. Wonderful, touching and such a comforting story. Thank you. Jo
Congrats! This is a beautiful piece, glad I had the chance to experience it. ^_^
many congratulations, Mid. THis is an absolutely beautiful piece - a well deserved win.
Mid, I am so proud of you. I thought this was the best from the very first! May God truly bless your awesome writing gift!
COuldn't be happier for you, Mid. Excellent job. Look forward to reading your level four entries:)
God bless.
CONGRATULATIIONS! This wonderful piece truly deserved to win! :)
Congratulations on your win!
This piece was excellent. I got chills reading it as well (or Holy Ghost bumps as my father calls them). What an awesome image you painted of the detail the Lord goes through to prepare a place for us. His love does shine through it all. Thank you for writing this!
WOW! Mid, this is sooo masterfully written! You truly deserve your win! Awesome job!
WOW, awesome story! I loved your descriptions, the hint at something more, but I also liked how you left it to the reader to figure it out, until the last line. Amazing! Congratulations on your well-deserved win.
What an incredible piece! Great writing! Great idea!
Congrats! Most excellent! Woo-hoo! :-) Welcome to the BoB club!
Mid, Congratulations on a beautiful piece and a fantastic win! I'm so happy for you. Love and blessings, Teri
I'm SO happy for you! You took God's gift of writing and used it for His glory -- big time!! What an awesome win! This is truly inspired work from our Carpenter's heart and soul delivered straight to your pen. I couldn't be happier for you!! This is truly beautiful on all levels. A piece to be enjoyed...a piece that has power beyond its words. Love, Jo
Congratulations Miss Mid on such a deserving and truly inspired piece.

From God's heart to your heart to our hearts, thank you for sharing this masterpiece, truly the Best of the Best!
Congratulations, Mid! I'm so very happy that this is the winning piece... a wonderful represenatative of what faithwriters is all about.
You, my dear friend, are to be commended for allowing God to write this through you. Wonderful, and SO deserving. Amazing, my friend.
Oh, Mid, I am in Awe! Just beautiful - the thought of Jesus, slaving, sweating blood, building my mansion, critical and careful of each detail. And such a beautiful mansion! Congrats - so well deserved.!
Congrats!!!! Lovely story--beautiful.
This reads like art in words, and poetry in prose.

Congratulations, Mid!!!!
Congratulations, Mid!!!
I'm so happy for you. You really deservice as this is a masterpiece in words!
Congratulations on a job well done. Vickie
Oh my, what a well written and poignant piece. Absolutely wonderful. It is filled with vivid imagery and portrays Jesus as the loving God, carpenter of our lives and Savior that he is. Wow! I have read this author before and her work is always outstanding.

Beverly J Raffaele
I am in awe. I am speechless. I am humbled. I am... (quick, somebody, give me some more words. I'm too dumbstruck to think of any more!) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!
Many, many congratulations, Mid. Well deserved indeed.
I found Shavings to be extremely well done and it touched my heart at the very end. A memorable winner.
Absolutely Beautiful.Well Done.Be blessed as you remain a blessing in Christ.God bless you.
Congratulations Mid! I checked today to see who the winner was - this was beautiful!! Good writing and great descriotion with a perfect ending!!!! Happy for you!
Mid, I can't believe it took me so long to get to read your beautiful story! It's full of wonderful descriptions. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this lovely vision of heaven!
This is awesome. I love your descriptions and comparisons to our lives. This is prescious and I truly was moved beyone words. Thank you for the uplifting words as they encouraged me and gave me an extra reminder of how much the Lord loves each of us and considers every part of our lives important. Sorry I didn't see this before but when I was scrolling down the page and saw this I had to read it. What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Janice:0)
Wow! There are some pieces of writing that make me feel I'm not worthy to put pen to paper; this is undoubtedly one of them. Definitely the best of the B.O.B. winners to date! Congratulations! beautiful...and captivating could anyone not look forward to their eternal heritage after reading the exquisite lodgings prepared by the Master's Hand? Thank you.
Ecellent. The language is beautiful and the thought has encouraged me personaly.
Thank you.
Your article is awesome. Just awesome. I forwarded it to my husband and my sister.
Just before my dad died eight years ago, the doctor told him that Jesus was building a house for him in Heaven and that he'd be going there in a few days. Dad died two weeks later.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift of writing.
What a gift you have to share with the rest of the world. Congratulations and keep writing for Him, His blessings will continue to uplift you.
Mid, what an absolutely delightful story. How well you control the piece, building the sense of a mastercraftsman, a perfectionist who has the confidence of his ability. The pace is as measured as his precise, focused approach. You hold out on the allusion to the Lord till half way through! That just adds such punch! This is a lovely, lovely piece of prose. Thanks for sharing it!

Sandra Fernando
Nice theme, but a little dis-connected. Need the flow of a story to be complete not just an explanation of a title to be used.
Nice job. I can almost hear God saying, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Welcome Home." Congratulations!
I felt the light, smelt the wood and spices and the cool tiles under my feet. Wow, what an experience and what an awesome picture of the hope I have in Him. Well done!
I was about half way through before I guessed an dthen when I dd I was able to relate back the the beginning - light coming in.Brilliant.
Superbly written ...superb! -CT
wonderful work - something we all should remember.
I love your last line. PERFECT!
I celebrate your honor and the hope that your story sends to all of us who are still in process. The good work he began is a work he promises to complete. I look forward to reading more of your captured life images. Congratulations.
I really loved your article! I could visulize being there with the carpenter, I could even smell the different scents! It was an excellent article!
All I can say is, "Wow!"
What needs saying has already been said... WOW. That is so beautiful, and I can't wait to move into that mansion!
Wow! What a wonderful piece of work. You've touched my heart.
Very beautifully written. I liked how you used such descriptive words to lead up to the ending.
Beautifully written. Your words and your hands have been blessed.
Absolutely wonderful article! Loved it!
You have taken one art form and created a second work of art. As a woodworker and a writer, I felt the "pain" and "labor of love," both in the carving and in the writing...All I expected was a warm, one room cabin. My expectations have now changed forever. Thank You and "well deserved" congratulations...
Simply beautiful!
Mid I love this so much luvy...It is so heartfelt and well written. Just amazing!
This was an absolutely beautiful picture of the care and preparation Christ takes in our eternal home!
wow!... your story was really great!!
Fantastic! Congratulations on your big win, and thank you for sharing your gift!! This was a great story and it brought a lump to my throat! :o)
This was absolutely beautifully written. You certainly deserved first place. The imagery was exquisite and how you mingled senses together was so cool. A true artistic technique. You need to write PROFESSIONALLY! Or, if your trying, something will certainly break through soon.
I read you Shavings submission. It started with vivid imaging of the mansion itself and concluded with a powerful message that took me by suprise, sent tears to my eyes and set my heart immediately into praise mode. I had to walk outside and submit to a praise moment to my Creator, the Lover of my soul. I have printed this out and will keep it in my teasured notebook that I keep. Thank you for a powerful reminder of the One I choose daily as my Master Carpenter.
Hi, I am a new member to faithwriters and have recently read your article, Shavings. As I was reading it my heart was infused with such a feeling of God's deep love - and a feeling of being special and cherished that He would prepare for me in such a way. Everything He has created is done with such love and care.... You painted a very lovely picture in my mind....
Thank you - your writing blessed me!
Mid, I am new to faith writers. When I read Shavings I was speechless. It is comforting beyond words.You are truly a gifted writer of description. May you continue in your gift for His glory.
Awesome! Simply awesome!
Hi Mid,

I've been away from FW for a while but I'm back and what an AWESOME welcome back it is! "Shavings" is a masterpiece! A truly inspired work of art! Keep up the good work. Congrats!

P.S. I agree that the Shavings in the Apron's pocket is the jewel of the whole piece. Well done!
Hi: I am a beginner too and had to read this wonderful story. Thank you for giving me something to aspire to.
Beautiful piece! It gave me goose bumps! I am sure it will remain in my mind for a long, long time.
This article was written so beautifully that it left me completely awestruck. You used just enough words (powerful words) to leave the reader completely satisfied and your story was so descriptive that I could envision every last detail in my mind as if I were watching a movie or witnessing it in person. This was by far one of the most breathtaking articles I have ever had the pleasure of reading and it makes Heaven seem that much more intriguing. Congrats Mid!

Fabulously done!! As the images were described, I could see every detail as though I was there. This is truly annointed.
Um...what they said.
I had to find this after reading your Best of the Best award.

Congratulations! And it is everything everyone has said. Absolutely beautiful . . . I'm still choked up . . .
A beautiful description of the Carpenter at work. Having just written a poem about Easter, your theme resonates with my thoughts at the moment.

A deserving win, well done.

An interesting thought has just come to mind;linking His trade with His Fathers interest in real estate!
In the world, top quality artisans build for the wealthy and the famous.The best homes go to the 'best' people.
In God's housing development, only those who are poor in spirit and those humble enough to recognise Jesus as their Saviour,will live in the idyllic homes,God has planned and Jesus has built. Thanks Clive
"To tears I say!" Yes, this moving account truly puts all things in perspective.
Congratulations and May God continue to use your gift for His glory!
Very Nice!
it was beautiful.. it made me imagine how God is preparing that place for us.. just like what you said.. it'll gonna be perfect..
Wow, I figured it out half way through, but it is just the way (format) in which your wrote it is what makes it a masterpiece. Very creative, very good writting.
Praise the Lord for my salvation and His love. The image you have painted is beautiful.
If I squint just right and tilt my head a bit, I can *almost* tweak it to mean that you're saying He's is crafting each of our lives into a wonderful place for Himself to live, and not merely that He is building a nice residence for us to live in once we get to Heaven - a thought that seems to be quite appealing to some, but unfortunately is a bit theologically suspect. But, hey, if wanting to go to the spirit realm to live in a mansion makes you happy, go for it. Somewhat substantial theological misgivings aside, I did enjoy the way the piece itself was crafted. Very warm and comfortable. Well written, and well worth reading.
Nice. Apparently that verse was a Jewish tradition for young men to say to their bride before they get married, Jesus used it with his disciples to foreshadow his death etc. In Jewish culture (and still many other cultures today) the husband would build a 'mansion', an adjoining room/building to his fathers home. Cool eh! Bless ya
Wow! What a beautiful evocative story. You tell it so well and have a captivating, highly visual style. I especially enjoyed your description of the beautiful courtyard garden. I love twists in the tale and your ending certainly took me by surprise and delivered a pleasing sense of satisfaction. Excellent! Thank you so much.
You are totally right. Genius