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You had me t her feet, waiting to hear...the rest of the story. I wish you could have worked a bit of it into the story because I sense that it would be much more touching if it were....and you could still point them to more details at the website. In any case, you certainly left me wanting more! Probably not enough words to tell the story, huh?
Oh, this was so good. I loved the repeated line, and how it had a rhythm all it's own.

For anyone who may be wondering about the story Tibby told, I noticed there is a link to the story in the author's notes at the bottom, but you'll have to copy and paste it into your browser. For some reason, it's not a clickable link.
I loved the line repetition, and the wonderful description. Wish you could have incorporated at least some of this story into your piece, but word counts are cruel, aren't they?
I liked this. The repetition of the weaving added well to the story. I agree that I would have liked to hear a bit of the rose story, and I was a little confused about what makes a white chain a "rose" chain, but I like the tone of this, good job.
I, too, enjoyed this. I also like the repetition of the counting. It kept the story moving and brought you back to the original task.