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A delightful story with realistic dialogue and a great message! The "fishy" characters sounded like real people. I was grabbed by the whimsical title, and use of personal names always sparks my curiosity. Great job!
My second fish story today; and this one has a GREAT LESSON for all. You probably wouldn't have kept my attention had it been people talking - so with this creative piece, I got the messge loud and clear. "Keep your mouth Shut"; also loved the bumper sticker on the boat. Great entry! Loved it!
This is hilarious! I laughed out loud in several places, and delighted in your creativity and your voice. And your message is loud and clear, too. Just wonderful!
Very clever take on a good message. I thought the analogy was excellent. Great dialogue. I could almost see those two bass talking to each other. I think this would be a good one for a young audience.
Super message and idea for using the fish! Great story! Really enjoyed reading it. Funny and captivating.
Really good! I could just imagine this being read aloud to a bunch of kids. A good parable of teaching the price of sin in a fun way.
Creative and fun! LOVE the title! Blessings, Cheri
Too funny - and quite original, like the characters! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Great job! Blessings, Jo
LOL! I like the character of Clem, sort of the slow, nice slightly ridiculous sort. He's lucky he has Vern to look out for him. Very creative take from the fishes' POV. ^_^
I liked the way you were able to handle the lesson about getting "caught" by the wrong bait. Great message, well told.
Delightful, alegorical, well written throughout.
Very funny. I was picturing Dory from Finding Nemo -- or Don Knotts from that fish character he used to do. Anyway, great story and writing.