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Alot of truth and expertise' chucked into this litle poetic rhyme. Short, sweet and to the point, but so well told! Really enjoyed this read.
Very nice--it even has the lilting rhythms of a sea shanty. This almost sings!
Very enjoyable and well done. God bless.
The first stanza spoke directly to me, and I was ready to grab my rod & reel and go fishing. (Except it's dark and I don't live by water.) I liked the transition from fishing for fish to fishing for men.
Very nice take on it - Good job!
I. too, liked the varied ryhming pattern and meter. I liked the near ryhmes such as Lord,word,world and the clever spelling of bite ( bight) to match with might and like. I alos loved the last line in each stanza. Great job and an interesting read of a poem.
I would ike to make a correction to my comment!
The word "bight" is defined as an expanse of water. So it wasn't spelled to match the other rhyming words. Silly me! (I was thinking of "bite" as in the fish biting.) Hope I didn't lead anyone astray from the meaning of the poem. My apologies to the writer!
But try as I can I cant imagine I might --
This little line was so catchy! I love it! Fun and creative... Blessings, Cheri
I'm finally getting around to comment...this is a very sweet poem that progresses well and highlights what we should all be doing as Christians. Keep up the good writing!