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A marvelous story of times BEFORE God was thrown out of schools, Nativity scenes were seen everywhere at Christmas, and we could freely say what we thought about God, Jesus and our beliefs. You're right, Writer! Things have changed! And because of it...things have gone downhill. You're courageous to bring up this subject. I, for one, agree with you! Keep up the good work! Great story, well written.
A delightful trip down memory lane albeit a bit before my time. I enjoyed the application and the way you wove the fishing theme throughout your narrative. I was struck by one potential weakness in your argument you didnt actually establish that the enthusiasm of the Jesus Freaks actually won that many people to the Lord. We shouldnt revert to older methods just because they made us feel good about ourselves we need to grab hold of methodologies, whether old or new, that fill our nets with an abundant catch
I thoroughly enjoyed your message. As one who comes from an even older era - I grew up during World War II - the changes in our society are so great they actually frighten me. Growing up in Chicago, I played in the streets and alleys without ever a warning from Mom to "watch out for bad men". No one tried to sell me drugs or harm me in any way. I really think people were more honest in those days. I'm not against progress when it's something good like advances in medicine but when Biblical values are rejected and called "old-fashioned", God will turn His back on us for sure.
I loved the energy in this. It exudes hope. Good job.