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What an utterly delightful account of a wonderful story!
I marvel at the way your imagination works to create such great dialog. Being a lifelong though not terribly successful fisherman, I got caught up in this and could see myself putting down my iron in the kitchen and dashing to join those at the water's edge. Marilyn dear, you have a wonderful gift of storytelling. I hope you save all these gems and put them in book form. What a great collection this would be. Please save me the first autographed copy. This is a gem of an article. Beaucoup kudos!
Ho, ho! Never saw the humor in this before 'til you wrote it up. You're right! It must have caused quite a stir and I can just see all those people fishing on the banks, trying to catch a fish with a coin in it's mouth. Great insight!
Your imagination truly comes through in this piece. I read through it several times to grasp it all.
I'll never see this bible story in the same light again. Thank you - well done.
Wonderful story, well written, I definately need to reread the scripture.
Well done. The dialogue was perfect.
This is delightful, Marilyn--I don't think you write much fiction, but you should definitely visit it more often. You gave Timothy a wonderfully authentic voice, and created a great Biblical fiction story.

A few things: watch out for "it's/its", and there were a few spots where you switched tenses. Very easy fixes, not detracting from the charm of this story.

Very creative, and a unique approach to the topic.
Great story Marilyn! Great minds think alike. I had started a story with a family arriving in a town where everybody had "Gone Fishin" signs on their door. I'm glad I didn't finish it because it would never have compared to this. Excellent. One of your best. God bless.
This is an easy, entertaining read. You told a familiar story with a very fresh approach. The dialogue is right on. Well done.
Very fun to read. This is one of those Bible stories I don't remember too often, but I surely won't forget it now.
This was just great! We actually just read this scripture in Sunday school today. Frank leaned over and said, "There's your fishing story. You should have written it from the fish's point of view."
I concur with what everyone else said. Well done.
Well done. I could picture this happening. Fun idea.
This was a delightful read. Very humorous. But it was not just a 'wild' imagination. I see a reality for a lesson behind the humour: Whenever Jesus gives Peter a 'silver mouthed fish' from the sea of Galilee (for a special function), we all rush there, expecting to get exactly what Peter got. What about that for building of doctrines around isolated 'special' experiences? Thanks for the lesson.
Everyone has said so much, but I got a laugh out of the fact that they both had Papa's number. Cute.
This account is just too clever, Friend! What a delightful read. I admire your creativity---I never would have thought this one up, but it makes sense what could have happened had the news spread through town.