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If this is a true story (and if it's not it sure had me fooled)it fits the topic better than anything I could have made up. Wonderful story and so well told--a winner for sure! God bless.
I love this story. So amazing that God blesses us with the most benign of things that speak a thousand words. You write this story with great beauty.
Such a precious, heartfelt and lovely story of years gone by, sentamental things, and finding a treasure. Loved the idea that it is on the Gravestone. A few boo-boo's, or typos, and wAndering...but overall a wonderful and delightful Read! Really enjoyed this one.
Great voice! I did pick up on a couple of the typos but still...a wonderful entry.
Wow, well written, very touching. It kept me reading throughout.
That was so heartwarming! Well, I must be blind; I only found one typo. Then, again, I'm working on zero cups of coffee so far. LOL Great job! Blessings, Jo
Dub, I just love your narrator's voice. Even your "bad" pieces are delightful and creative.

I'd never do this, ordinarily, but you challenged me, so here goes...

1. '96, not 96'
2. wondered/wandered
3. hyphenate slow-moving
4. "hung (h)is favorite rods..."
5. par. 3, sentence 4, punctuation issues
6. hyphenate semi-scientific
7. unnecessary quotation mark at the end of par. 6

I hope you take this with the good nature that is intended...and I'm hoping my prize is a cyper-muffin. That chocolate one looked marvelous.
Typos, schmypos. I'm not judging this week. Just reading and this is a fine heartwarming story with an earthy, real feel to it. Great job. God bless.
Very heartwarming piece of a beloved dad now with Jesus. I enjoyed this and see the special love you had for your father & his hobby.
A nastaligic feel, loved the ending :)
This has a bittersweet sentimental feel to it. Even though there were typos, I enjoyed reading and savoring the feeling behind the words. Thanks for sharing this with all those who have 'Gone Fishing' with their mom or dad.
This has such a homey feel to it. I bet that tractor is a 1946 faded red Farmall, isn't it? Loved the voice. Well done.
I finished reading with tears in my eyes. If this is true (& I'll pretend it is), our dads are probably having a great time together fishing for the big one -- and organizing every piece of fishing equipment.
Ok, I'm going to try to find all your errors also, since you asked us to find them. I did not cheat, by the way, and look at the other answers. Some of these probably aren't even errors, but oh well. I'll try anyways. :)

1. 96' should be '96
2. dad should be Dad since it replaces his name (used twice)
3. is should be his
4. river, then should be river. Then
5. mama should be Mama (see number 2)
6. memorabilia. should be memorabilia,
7. hurricanes" should be hurricanes (no quotes after it)
and one I'm really, really unsure of, but I'll mention it anyway... "...more upset over the sign than me" should be reworded so it can't be interpreted that dad is upset with me.

Hehe so, what's my score? 2/7? ;)
Love it - a great story well told. Thanks for sharing it.
What a fun treasure to find again. I'm glad that you shared this.
There are so many comments that I started to pass this up. But I really liked this story. The errors have already been pointed out. I would encourage you to proofread every piece until you're satisfied that there are no errors, because the story and composition are very good.
I loved the character's voice. Lovely story. Very sweet.
A heartwarming story. A good read. Thanks, Cheri
A pretty nice story, a few typos, but a nice ending.
So were we supposed to find the typos...'cause I think I got them all too:) But it was tough as the story was so very good and emotional and I hope true!!!
Your story gives me hope that nothing is ever really lost if we keep looking.

A wonderful story with a perfect ending.
I was too drawn in to the story to notice, let alone care about typos!!! :-)