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It was great the way the author intergraded setting goals, using talents and the loving response from the teens. Also I enjoyed the unexpected element in the story!
This is an excellent story. I, too, was holding my breath for the little old lady facing teen-agers. Yet, I know, also, that even the toughest acting teens respect honesty and people who show them respect. The story held my interest--beginning to end.
Brought some tears to my eyes :) Just the other day I made a quick list of goals but this encourages me to really take some time and set out a game plan of how to get to my goals!
I loved this story! All the characters came alive for me with the realistic dialogue and descriptions--and I felt the teacher's apprehension at the thought of her old lady friend confronting those teenagers! Beautiful message, too. Great job!

A beautiful, moving message
Such a delightful entry! Loved the interaction between generations - and it was written extremely well. Even had a tear well up in my eyes...nice job.
Oooh, really good job! I was charmed by "I'll pay for it in cookies" and the little vignette at the end.
Your title is so clever, and you even baited us with the November date at the beginning. This is an inspiring tale, and very well-written.
Good writing. I am always amazed that people think senior adults cannot "connect" with teens. I've found it to be just the opposite. I know high-schoolers can be harsh, but there's always a bond that can be made after we pass the first hurdle. You captured it very well.
Nice to see you back in the challenge Lisa!! Great story!