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I loved this story. It is a different take on 'reading.' Very creative--keep up the good work!
"Reading" people. What an interesting entry. I liked it. Very well written, and the last part about the Dr. being hurt and needing someone, touched me deeply. Very well done.
I agree, very creative take on the topic. Well done. I like it!
Nicely done--kinda reminded me of the way Sherlock Holmes could read subtle cues from people, but with a modern twist.
Good job on "reading" people. Maybe if more of us would try to "read" people, we wouldn't be so judgmental.
WOW! This is GREAT! What a creative take on the subject and you did a fantastic job with the POV and voice of the story. I really enjoyed this.
This was an interesting story and a very creative take on the topic. There really is a lot we can learn about a person when we just pay attention and listen. I liked that your character used this gift of hers to help other people. A really great message here.
Marie certainly was courageous, and gifted, too. She must have been able to somewhat "read" her interviewer's likely response as well. Great writing and very creative!
This is very good. It definitely kept my attention. What a novel idea! Great job and thanks for sharing it