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I loved reading this! It fascinated me, especially since I'm an introvert myself and can identify with all the narrator's feelings.

While normally I prefer a piece that starts out sounding like a story to stay that way rather than turning into an article, this one proved an exception. I learned new things from the article part--such as that introversion and exraversion are caused by specific and known genes. Fascinating!

This really affirmed and encouraged me. Thanks for sharing!
Interesting. (Thanks, I'm going to look up those books.)
This piece has a unique and very authentic voice. Thanks for sharing this with us!
Thank you for writing this. I've just recently decided to figure out what being an introvert really means, and I had no idea it got this specific. When people know who they really are, it usually helps them live well and make better life decisions. Now, I'm going to check out the books you mentioned! Thanks again.
Very informative in a nicely done way. I enjoyed learning what you had to say. Good job.