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I loved this. I was right there in the classroom to see the light of love in the teacher's eyes and the light of learning strike Tammy. Good job!
Your narrator has a wonderful voice! Very entertaining reading, and your Tammy character is fantastic.

I felt a bit cheated at the "I have no idea how it happened" bit--I wanted to know what turned on Tammy's light bulb.

Great ending, and a really fun story to read.
I believe Tammy was soaking up the information on how to read for weeks but had a mental block of fear that wouldn't permit her to read. On that day, the pressures must have been released because she burst into reading, haltingly at first, which shocked us all. But this was Tammy. She would do anything to be onstage all the time which was part of her appeal. She loved the approbation she received in school, unlike what she found at home.
A really great story, AND written by a really great writer; loved Tammy myself, and don't even know her except through the Writer - but this shows what a Writer can do to her clientele..."the reader" when topnotch. Thanks for the delightful read.
Enjoyed this. Tammy was great, but I liked the attitude of the teacher. She was loving, had a sense of humor and yet could be direct when she needed to. To me she was the main character. I liked the way her personality was shone without a textbook rendition. Nicely done.
Fun to read. Tammy was absolutely loveable. A good tale of how with the right attitude life just can't beat us down. Good job.
Such delightful characters, Tammy and her teacher. You captured this reader's heart with your wonderful story.
I loved Tammy and I love the wonderful author!