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Great story. I enjoyed this very much.
Well, I'll never look at 1st Chronicles the same way again!

A few minor mechanical issues--for example, the phrase "he thought to himself" is redundant--who else can one think to?

I was quite charmed by the old professor, and enjoyed getting to know him.
Thanking for reminding all of us that God truly knows us by name. This story is very stirring and thought-provoking. Your description allowed me to envision the mentor, and the relationship between the two characters was captured vividly.
I enjoyed this story, the humor sprinkled in, and the relationship between the two men. Thanks for an enjoyable read.
I enjoyed this story. I have to admit I said to myself "I Chronicles?" But the twist was interesting.
Hehe I figured from the title this would have something to do with genealogies, and I was right! It also amazes me how God used so many people, especially in His own Son's genealogy... Rehab and Bathsheba? Who would think they'd be in the blood line of Christ? Great reminder that God knows are names, and He can use us!
Loved the title and the concept! Very nicely done! Thanks for sharing it
I really liked this story. You kept my attention wondering why he would choose the reading that he did. I also enjoyed the touch of humor interlaced throughout the story. On a serious note, I thought this was a great line: “…although there were wall to wall flowers, they didn't cover the scent of freshly turned dirt in the air, and he'd left with a heavy heart.” You tied the pieces of this story together at the end into a very nice package.
I loved this! The personalities and humor were real. The last lines really tie the story together quite well. Wonderful!
At first I thought with the phone book reference, this could go anywhere. Someone remarked of the late, great Baptist preacher, Adrian Rogers, that he could read a phone book and it would be the best sermon ever preached." He was that good!But as I read your piece, Marilyn, I could see myself reading I Chronicles aloud and skipping every other word to get out of there as fast as I could. I love your wry sense of humor and how it translates into something beautiful. One minute you make us grin all over and the next we're trying to find the underlying truth of your piece that's waiting to reveal itself. No wonder you're quickly becoming one of my favorites in FW.
What a delightful story!! I too will never again look at the name lists in quite the same way. Thank you, and may God bless your skillful and creative pen!
What a cool story. A very creative take on the subject highlighting the importance of ALL of God's Word. I'm encouraged that God knows my name! Thanks. God bless.
MariLyn, this was a wonderful story, beautifully done; so good if I were a judge, it would would have been at the top. Perharps it is because I have, of late, been preoccupied by the meaning behind the "boring" stuff in the Bible. Keep writing!
Your slice of life stories always touch my heart, MariLyn. This is so delightful, and a precious treasure to remind us that the Lord knows my name! God bless you and your writing for His glory.
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