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This really intrigues me--is Jonathan autistic? I've read this several times; there's a strange, disquieting poetry to the rules as listed here. This is a definite out-of-the-box entry that is quite appealing--but odd. I like it.
Not being familiar with any of the "referenced" quotes, I'm not sure which is the Writer's writing and which is interjected from others. But I liked the idea, the creativity and the brief respite from heavy, deep-thinking and over-my-head type entries. Thanks!
Nice job! Kudos! I like your work.
I really like this article. I know it's coming late as a critique, but this is good. For me, I saw strictness for the character being arbitrary for the reader, then things get mixed up for the character and the reader feels at pace with him, and then the humor appropriately relates at the end. Maybe I missed it all, or maybe I got it, but there's something real good in this piece.