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I really liked this little character study...would also like to see Marion explored in prose. Could use some metrical edits to smooth it out a bit. I found her a very appealing and intriguing character.
Creative, for sure - but lacked the metered rhyme and rhythmic beat. Keep at it until it flows like honey. Never give up - practice makes perfect.
Marion, the Librarian. A perfect name for a librarian, I think. A great title, too--I loved the rhyme. Although Iím not one to offer advice on poetry, I can tell you what I like. My favorite stanza:

Marion, the librarian
Got home half past eight
Ordered pizza for the night
Reading while she ate.
I get it, Marion's the Librarian...
Nice poem, Dub. I quit trying to write it myself, so i can't comment on the mechanics. But, I loved the character development and got a sense of her being. You created an honest picture. Would love to see Marion used in story form. God bless.
I liked this, and thought the meter fit pretty well. I had to squeeze a few words in there, but it fit better than some poems. :)I'd also enjoy a further probe into her life.
Dub, how could Marion the librarian eat and read before the pizza had arrived for her to pay for?

Am I missing something in this poem of no meaning? ;)

Great exercise.
Nice job! Kudos! I like your work.
Hey, Sean's my name. What a coincidence. Anyways, good idea. Could be a bit more poemy, if ya know what I mean, but good free verse none the less.
I think any librarians named Marion ought to be touched. I thought this was fun and I have always loved librarians and think any time they get some attention, good for them! Good job!
Nice poem, wonderful storyline, but I have to agree with the idea of eating the pizza before she got it.
This was pretty good. A little sad (from my POV) but interesting to read. I love the character of Marion, I wish there had been a litte more of her. Thanks for sharing!
A nice little poem and I'm glad you shared it. Very cute!
I'd really like to know where you can order pizza for "a dollar and a dime"? She must have had a great coupon! :D

Your poem made me smile, for which I thank you kindly! :)