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Great title, and your story tracks well. I like how you left the story open-ended, with a pretty good idea of what might have taken place.
I've just started to wonder what all the paintings in our house say about our family! Interesting story with a good ending.
What a brilliant art project! Loved the idea. (Hmmm? Just thinking about my walls :)) Very creative and interesting entry - and enjoyed my walk-through. Good Job! ...and well written.
I enjoyed this. Love the idea of the art project, too. Love how the mom took advantage of an opportunity at the end, too. Well done.
Very "real" story. Love the premise, the description and the message. Also made me think about my own walls!
So well written ...! It flowed nicely from beginning to end and took me with the charcters through the house tour.
I love stuff like this--sometimes I try to figure out about people by the items in their grocery cart.

Some of the dialog seemed perhaps a tad unrealistic for a teenager, but nothing major.

You did a great job at helping us to visualize each piece of art. Nicely done.
Loved the tour :) Some great stuff here, very observant young man.
A very nice story and it sounds like Nate is in the place that the Lord led him to. Very well written. Thanks for sharing it!
What a cool take on the topic. And I agree that the ending is just right.