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Good imagery, very descriptive. A technical note; if you use italics for a thought, they do not carry quote marks, and you need not tag the line with "He thought." Thanks for sharing this colorful piece, yes the Lord paints a beautiful picture every day.
A first read doesn't really get it; but after the reader KNOWS, and goes back and re-reads it - the impact is powerful! (FW, Sir William, I believe it was, introduced me to what he calls "speed bumps"..when the reader has to retract his/her steps in mid-story, & go back to figure out what? Who? etc. is happening). This happened to me in this entry - but after "getting it" was a masterpiece! Solid! Powerful and Well done!
You painted a masterpiece with your words here, dear friend. The images are so vivid and desscriptive. Wonderful!
Wow, wow, wow. This is superb!
Thanks for the great comments, despite my very bad boo boos (I really need to proof better before submitting, but I was just glad to get one in this week! LOL)
Minus the few boo-boos that you mentioned already, this piece is a masterpiece. That last line was expertly rendered. No, there will not be a need for the darker hues when He comes again.

This piece was like a glorious praise song. Wonderfully done, Shari!

This was breathtaking and beautiful. What more can I say.
Wow! I just loved this. What an amazing way to tell this story. This is an excellent job. Thanks for sharing it.
This is beautiful. I love this perspective ... just beautiful.
Shari, you are a poet. This is a marvelous image!
Simply amazing! This is so vivid, you-are-there atmosphere while reading. Very powerful message! The last line pulled everything together so smoothly-I LOVE this, excellent, wonderful job! ^_^
You wove His story in in very subtle but light way, making it all flow in one piece, as we now do. Beautifully done!