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A good poem, and I feel that the repetition works well in this particular case. There are a few lines that seem extra long as compared to the others. Of course, there is nothing with that unless it's a formal poem -- like a sonnet or villanelle. God Bless,
Good job,
The words and the message of this entry are simply beautiful and magnificent; however, when a poem doesn't flow with that certain rhythmic meter and beat...the beautiful words sometimes get lost in the bumpy ride; perhaps not to all readers, but to those who are a fan of poetry. But I enjoyed the sentiment... Very nice!
I think I can do this now that the judges are finished, I should have left a postscript of explanation. This is more of a song, or that's how it was in my head. So, no, the meter is not one of poetry and I guess since no one can hear the melody that's in my head it seems that the meter is off. Sorry guys.
Your poem was a blessing to my day...and poetry doesn't have to follow all the rules when God gives you the words. Just write em down girl!!!
This is gorgeous--I'd love to hear you sing it some day.
Just lovely. Beautiful images - I was "singing" along!
All this needs is a fitting melody. A lovely song from the heart about God's beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing this
Great word pictures - well done :)
What tune did you set this to? I liked it very much and tried to hum it the second time. Nice!
Thank you, Casie, for commenting on my "art" entry because that means I have to come looking for you! Pleased to meet you! and read your enchanting lyrics.

Writing a poem with a melody in mind makes a big difference, I know, because I've tried it, too. I would love to hear this with the melody in full production. I bet it will be splendid!