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Very engaging read. It's probably just me, but I wonder if most five year olds would think in the mature way your MC does?
That aside, this was well written. Thumbs up!
I really enjoyed your story. It's hard for some to color outside the be creative, inventive. I'm told that this can be observed in other cultures when young adults come to college in America. They don't know how to let loose, without perameters.

The higher maturity level of the MC wasn't picked up by me (what's that tell you?) However, you could always tell this as an adult, remembering, then your higher level would be excused! Great job!
This was absolutely delightful - and so real, so authentic. Even if the MC was talking "older than" 5, this is a wonderful tale. The characters were completely realistic.
Absolutely brilliant; with a super-duper message for all Biggy-Wiggy people who are also known as "grown ups." Very Creative with a capital "C". Well done, and Yes... nice, unique & "different".
A very fresh and lively piece of writing. I thought the voice worked very well throughout the story, and the writing was exceptional. Lots of great descriptions: Lisas eyes are bossy brown marbles. And smiles back at me like rainy sunshine. Loved the story. Great job!